Zilando Freitas

Brazilian Artist of International renowned, signs his works with the Brazilian flag. Present in the collections and decorations of many of the world’s leading artists, athletes and entities such as Bono Vox, Nelson Mandela, Familia Moratti, Ronaldo Phenomenon, Ayrton Senna, Ana Hickman, Ana Maria Braga, Sotheby’s London, Romero Brito, Naomi Campbell, Arsenal CEO, singer Amy Winehouse among others. The artist uses acrylic canvas technique to create abstract paintings that reveal the behavioral culture and the different lifestyles and places in which he has lived such as London, Tokyo, Milan, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Zilando was represented in Europe by Tyrone Wood curator and gallery owner of Scream London and has exhibited in more than ten countries.  HIs artistic expression is capable of composing different environments through the art applied in interiors, clothes and the most different objects. His mandalas and multiples enchant by the diversity of colors and feelings they promote.

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