Claudia Colares

Brazilian painter. Self-taught draftswoman. In the late ́80s she left civil engineering college and began her journey of discovery in the arts. Claudia Colares is the third daughter of the seven children of Antônio Paulino and Lúcia Colares. Because the house was so crowded Claudia the child, constantly sought the solitude, & silence needed to draw, & browse thru books in search of artistic references. Her mother kept her constantly supplied with paper, pencils, and books. This ensured continuous growth in her chosen passion and journey on her artistic path. ​“From my father, I have inherited the musicality and the independence of wondering that I can learn everything. This I should know. From my mother, the resilience, objectivity, and keep an eye on the opportunities”​. ​ C. Colares (2007) . The development of the techniques has only been possible because of the schools she attended. There she was introduced to powerful new techniques & possibilities in drawing & painting. In her school years, she dedicated herself to music, drama, and drawing. Claudia has always seen those three areas as essential tools for the formation of her artistic expression. The total dedication to Fine Arts came after a chance meeting with the late Batista Sena (Camocim-CE, 1952 – Fortaleza – CE, 2014). Under the guidance of this great Master, her vision about art and culture was reconfigured, and the painting, the critical thinking, and the artistic attitude have been propelled. Among the numerous works that Claudia produced between late ’80s and early ’90s, Batista chose two of them in order to subscribe them at the VI Arts Hall of Camocim. The result was a huge development for Claudia ́s painting recognition. She received great critical praise and first place at the competition with the “​Freedom” prize​. With artistic and financial support, she moved permanently to Camocim and began a period of great productivity. Leaving her engineering studies behind gave her time to develop painting techniques at Raimundo Cela ́s land and under Batista Sena ́s guidance. While working at her little studio located at the bucolic Camocim city, she did paint possible landscapes and created characters for the poetry in her painting to upgrowth. Within a year of intensively producing, Colares has guaranteed for her major intimacy with the materials. From this season sprang the passion for oil paints. “I have learned wonderful things about existence and about how necessary it is to try and see different lights with the painting.”​ C.Colares (1990). In 1991, back to Fortaleza, she has studied photography with Celso Oliveira and Cultural Production with Glaucia Costa. In 1993 she moved to Guarapari – ES. At her installed new studio, realized displays and committed to studying the lyric song and also to musical theory. Always freestanding she has produced and presented her artworks for local collectors in order to guarantee financially the productivity. ​“I have learned along painting how to make paint and bread” C.Colares (1994). I​n 2006, performed her first international exhibition at France and Spain and in 2010, by Copenhagen City Hall ́s invitation accomplished an exhibition and ministered speeches in Denmark. When she came back to Brazil, she shut down the studio and enrolled at the Espírito Santo Federal University as a Bachelor student of Fine Arts. Between 2010 and 2014, Colares has studied design, ceramic, sculpture, engraving, art history, performance arts, contemporary arts, and under the guidance of the Professor Lincoln Guimarães Dias, dove at the project of painting and abstract paint research what tighten up her full mark degree. The aesthetic and theoric thinking about the artistic creative process on paint at the academy besides her daughter ́s acceptance at São Paulo University, were reasons for her to rescue the nomadic identity and assemble a studio at the “Paulista” capital. With the endorsement of her great friend and also a major collector, Pedro Mastrobuono, her work has rapidly widespread among the critics, collectors, and art admirers in the city. At this time, the studio gave her structure for the new paint of Claudia Colares that achieved the abstraction as the highest form of expression. After attending a Modern Art Introduction course offered by UNIBES Cultural and ministered by the Professor Agnaldo Faria and socializing with the production from artists those that she met in the city, returned to figurative in a expressionist way and set up at her canvas – each time getting larger dimensions – what she declares to be “an intimate history with colour”.​ “Time has taken black and white from my palette, though has brought gamuts built as build chords those that I care so much for. Hues that meet to show a result that brights under the light. Colour do not exist any longer. Colour is the painting. The synapse which bonds the thinking to gesture. Colour is the certainty that life is what ends.” ​C.Colares (2018). Nowadays, after attending a drawing course ministered by the North American Glenn Vilppu, Colares has been developing the #IdentidadeNomade project in Portugal where she lives and works. The project enfolds sculpture, painting, drawing and a theory development about every artwork.

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