Celso Oliveira

Celso Oliveira, the renowned photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, has been a professional photographer since 1975. Celso got his start in Rio de Janeiro working as a photographer at the Central Photojournalism Agency (São Paulo’s premier photography agency). He next taught editing workshops at the 1st Photography Week in Paraíba (João Pessoa-PB, 1994). Served as a Founding Partner of the publisher “Tempo D’imagem” (Fortaleza-CE, 1994) with works published in: Veja, IstoÉ, Visão, Sport Sneakers, O Globo, Meio Dia, O Povo and Diário do Nordeste. Continuing his career, the artist photographed for renowned agencies such as: MPM, Ítalo Bianchi, Mark Propaganda, CBC & A, Slogan, Unlimited Creation, For 4, TT Propaganda, and Agile, Factory, amongst others. Always evolving, Celso began to explore and develop personal documentation of cultural events, including popular and religious festivals in Northeast Brazil. Notably, he was selected to participate in the Masp-Pirelli Photography Collection (São Paulo). Throughout his career, the artist has participated in multiple exhibitions around the world including Brazil, Germany, Mexico (The prestigious 5th Latin American Colloquium on Photography in Mexico City), England, The Netherlands, Spain, France and The USA. Celso’s work has garnered multiple awards since 1978 including, in June 2020 the prestigious Premio Dendicasa, SECUT CE, for his project entitled “Celso Oliveira: 40 years of Ceara.” Oliveira lives between Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro, where he maintains a branch for the publisher Tempo D’Imagem.

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