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Artist Zilando Freitas

Brazilian artist of international renowned, signs his works with the Brazilian flag.
Present in the collections and decorations of many of the world’s leading artists, athletes and entities such as Bono Vox, Nelson Mandela, Familia Moratti, Ronaldo Phenomenon, Ayrton Senna, Ana Hickman, Ana Maria Braga, Sotheby’s London, Romero Brito, Naomi Campbell, Arsenal CEO, singer Amy Winehouse among others. The artist uses acrylic canvas technique to create abstract paintings that reveal the behavioral culture and the different lifestyles and places in which he has lived such as London, Tokyo, Milan, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Zilando was represented in Europe by Tyrone Wood curator and gallery owner of Scream London and has exhibited in more than ten countries.

Artist Van Der Li

Brazilian Fine Artist based out of Barcelona.During Van Der Li’s 30 year career, the artist has produced over 1500 pieces of which over 90% have been sold. Some of his memorable work includes a sculpture of 49′ that can be found in Chen-Zen, China. A 32′ panel in the French Consulate in Hong Kong. A painting of 6.5′ x 3.5′ that is part of private collector Carlos Pimentel’s collection and a permanent exhibition of 16 historical portraits at the Justice Office in Pernambuco, Brazil.  His work can be found in private collections around the world including: Brazil, China, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Finland, Argentina, Colombia, England, Canada and the USA. His most recent exhibitions were in Madrid and Barcelona. “His commitment to art is beyond his needs, so he follows this unique force capable of renewing the world (the reaction) that is above any political and religious ideal. Within this artistic chaos that we live his movement is, ‘put everything together and explore’ in ‘reflectionism’. “It may be that 15 minutes of fame last 15,000 years in the mud.”

Artist Blaze Wolf

Brazilian Cubist artist from Maceió-AL, The artist Wolf conveys his emotions through fragmented paintings playing with colors, lights and shadows to give volume and depth to his works. His striking features in high definition make his works extremely dramatic and expressive, exposing his feelings and philosophies at work. Wolf took his first steps in the art business and later expanded his work beyond the state of AL throughout all of the Northeast. His interest in art began early in his childhood, where he states that his “rickshaw was a pencil and a sketchbook.” Wolf had a habit of drawing everything he observed around him and how they behaved, including people, animals and objects. By the age of 15, he was using techniques far ahead of his age, gaining surprising recognition among his peers and teachers, and supporting himself with small jobs for teachers and college students. His first steps in the fine arts began in 2006. The following year he began working and living in Pernambuco State. Always showing his techniques and much charisma he was able to draw the attention of big names in music, politics and art, where he developed loyal and steadfast benefactors who still maintain close ties of friendship and business. In 2016 Wolf settled in the city of Caruaru – PE increasing his recognition. He became prominent in social networks where his works gained much repercussion, visibility and followers. He has done several interviews on local, regional and alternate media programs, and has also participated in several exhibitions, the last of which was Miscelânia, in January 2019 at Caruaru Shopping and the exhibition Colors of the Earth. This was an absolute success in both visitors and sales in the period of São João’s Festive 2019.  

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